Trikke Sales

Published on 18 Mar 2014 by South Florida Trikke

Trikke sales improved in recent years because many people already discovered the huge benefits of riding the three-wheeled vehicle. This engineered vehicle can be enjoyed by youngsters and adults alike. At a glance, first timers often see Trikke as a scooter. However, upon using the Trikke, the rider can feel the thrill of moving without a motor. But of course, that depends on the cambering motion that propels the vehicle. The rider can reach as much as 18 mph and can ascend the steepest hill upon practice. There are various models that can be chosen depending on the preference of the rider. Trikkes come in aluminum body; some are folded for easy handling, while some are supplied with poly wheels or air wheels. The T8 model which includes the T5, T6, T8, T12 and the T78CS (with 7” poly at the back), T78 Air (all air wheels) as well as the T78 De Luxe, are some of the most popular Trikkes available. Moreover, models may depend on the size of wheels used, like the T5 has 5” wheel, the T8 has 8” wheel, the T12 has 12” wheel and the T78 can be set with a 7” or 8” poly wheel or an 8.5” air wheel. The rider may start using smaller wheels, then can upgrade to bigger wheels, from poly wheels to air wheels. Aside from being a fun vehicle, the Trikke became a popular muscle toner. Unlike running, which has an impact on foot and legs, the Trikke can tone up muscles without hurting your joints. Study shows that you can burn up to 100’s of calories and get a good cardio-pulmonary workout, which is so important to your daily health.  You can simultaneously exercise; enjoy the scenery, while carving for 5 to 10 miles in parks and other recreational sites. No wonder why Trikke sales are increasing as the product caters to both young and old, being a recreational vehicle and at the same time, an exercising machine.