Segway Sales Miami

Published on 18 Mar 2014 by South Florida Trikke

Segway sales Miami increased because of its practicality in the transportation needs, along with its compact built feature. Since its introduction to the public on December 3, 2001, the Segway has evolved as a two-wheeled vehicle, carrying people in various aspects of transportation needs. The Segway showcases a two-wheeled vehicle, with an electric motor to propel its self-balancing wheels. Initially, Segway has provided a practical solution in transporting police and security officers in securing their areas such as military bases, warehouses, campuses, malls, industrial sites and other pertinent places that need regular patrolling. However, the Segway is now being used not only as a patrol vehicle, but it is now being utilized for leisure activities. This innovative vehicle can be seen at the parks, golf courses and in areas wherever the use of Segway is permissible. Apparently, various models of Segway were released, the Segway i167, the first of the three model series; Segway e167, can balance even without a rider; the Segway p133, with smaller platform and wheels with less powerful motors; as well as the Segway i170. Additionally, Segway i180, Segway i167, Segway p133 and Segway i180 PT were popularized. The Segway i-series can run up to 12.5 mph (20.1 km/h) with a maximum control of up to 2 horsepower. It can cover up to 25 miles on a fully charged lithium ion battery. In 2006, series i2 and x2 were introduced. The i2 uses the new lean-Steer and Info Key technologies, while the x2 model has the same features, with its own special software for off-road use. Additionally, part of the increasing demand of Segway sales, the company announced in March 2014 that they will discontinue the production of their previous models to introduce the “Third Generation Segway” design. The Generation III models, i2 SE and x2 SE, are all sporting Lean-Steer frames with powerbase designs and integrated lighting.