Segway Sales And Rental Miami: Have Fun Under The Sun

Published on 19 Jul 2014 by South Florida Trikke

The best way to enjoy a sojourn around the city or a short destination trip is through a Segway Rental. This innovative way of travel is a brainchild of Dean Kamen. Segway PT is a two-wheel electric vehicle that is self-balancing and battery powered coming from the factory line of Segway Inc. in US-NH. Designed to provide easy learning and stability in any ride, it runs a distance of 24 miles on just one electrical charge. Segway is a homonym of segue meaning smooth transition and PT that is an acronym for personal transporter.

There is no better way to explore the sun while having fun than using a Segway. Renting this awesome transport is a boon, for it allows vacationers to roam around freely and decide where to stop and which ones to overlook. Enjoy a breathtaking ride around sandy beaches and see the amazing attractions for tourists found in the city. The ubiquitous bus, vans and even rented cars for tours are surpassed as Segway is better because of its unique feature. Traveling with your family or in a group is no problem for they have multiple vehicle rentals.

Find Segway rentals all over Miami. For your travel, they are anywhere and ready to serve you. You have the option to rent hourly, weekly or for the weekend. Daily rental begins at 9:00 o’clock in the morning and ends at 7:00 o’clock in the evening.
Before you start riding these unique and versatile vehicles, the staff will give you a 10-minute safety briefing. For your protection, helmets are provided free of cost. There are also few formalities, like following the minimum weight of 60 lbs. and paying a deposit. After following these steps, you are now ready to experience a blissful trip courtesy of Segway rental.