Segway Ninebot – Is it 100% guaranteed safe?

Published on 1 Jul 2016 by South Florida Trikke

Being a reputable company, the renowned Segway ninebot offers safety features that cannot be found in any other manufacturers. As people say,” Since it’s Segway, it’s unlikely or impossible to explode”. Hoverboards have apparently started to earn a vicious status of being unable to measure up to the electrical and fire security benchmarks. Whether it is an electrical scooter, self-balancing device or hoverboard, each item is highly powered by a lithium battery and must meet the fire and electric safety standards.

Due to past incidents, Amazon online marketplace has ceased selling hoverboards and issued reimbursements to their clients who bought hoverboards from their website. The tragic fire accidents have brought traumatic experience among clients. Good thing, the Segway Ninebot minipro is a UL 2272 Certified device that complies with high specifications of fire as well as electrical safety that had been set up by Underwriters Laboratories, a prominent international security science company.