Segway FAQ

1. Rider Requirements for Segway PT (Personal Transporter):

• Riders on Segway PT should not be less than 12 years old. Guests below eighteen years of age must be accompanied by parent or guardian.
• Weigh between a hundred and two hundred and fifty pounds.
• Riders must be able to easily and swiftly step on and off the transporter without assistance.
• It is necessary to ALWAYS wear the supplied safety helmet.
• It is required to sign the liability waiver provided by South Florida Trikke.
• To ensure a fun ride, respect signs, pedestrians, bikes, pets and obey all road rules.
• We do not offer reduced rates or discounts for Senior citizens and children.

2. Are Segways safe for children and people with disabilities?

Operating a Segway PT resembles riding a bicycle – it is user-friendly nevertheless no one can ride without basic training. For this reason, our company offers twenty minutes of training in order for you to get accustomed to the unit. Segway PT is not applicable for individuals with mobility issues.

It is necessary for guests to be equipped prior to riding a Segway. Riders must have the ability to quickly and easily step on and off a Segway PT without need of assistance. We offer practice sessions until riders feels ready and comfortable to take any or our Segway PT Tour.

3. What is a Segway Personal Transporter? How does this device operate?

The Segway PT is definitely a state-of-the-art, personal, self-balancing device engineered for easy transport. Convenient to use and operate, the 2-wheeled Segway PT is equipped with five gyroscopes that keeps track of the balance a hundred times per second and instantly respond to the movements of the body. In order to move ahead, the rider needs to lean forward. To move backwards or make a complete stop, the rider must lean back slightly. It follows that the unit glides effortlessly since Segway PT can detect the direction of the rider.

4. Am I allowed to test drive a Segway Personal Transporter?

South Florida Trikke does not provide test drives.

5. Do you provide training to ride a Segway Personal Transporter?

Twenty minutes of training is required for a safe and enjoyable trip. Riders will be properly trained about risk-free Segway PT operation and unexpected emergency stops.

Every rider is required to wear a helmet provided by South Florida Trikke.

6. Is riding a Segway as simple as it appears?

Certainly! It’s easier than riding a bicycle.

7. What about booking and reservations?

Advanced bookings are not necessary but welcomed. Our ecommerce website has all the functionality to book and reserve your Segway PT Tour.

8. Pricing and Booking confirmation?

Rates are per person, except in cases where it is specified. Payment for all transactions will be in USD. All rates will be subject to change without prior notice. Segway PT Tours do not require deposit at the time of booking or in the store. Tour rates or availability will not be guaranteed right up until 100 % payment is confirmed. An e-mail confirmation will be provided after completing the booking or reservation process.

9. Appropriate attire for hot summer weather?

• Wear light breathable clothing.
• Use sunscreen to protect your skin.
• Sandals, heels, flip-flops or platforms are not allowed.

10. Cancellation or Now Show policy?

South Florida Segway tour is fully refundable if reservation is cancelled more than 48 hours before the tour date and time.

No shows are charged in full due to the limited amount of Segway PT availability.

No charge for changes to booking 48 hours prior to the tour date and time. Please call us to confirm Tour changes.

11. Will Segway PT tours be cancelled due to bad weather?

For light rain, there is no cancellation since Segway Personal Transporter is crafted to operate in this weather. We will provide a complimentary waterproof-garment (poncho) to anyone who needs it. The tour will only be postponed during heavy rains and we will give an alternative date or time. Otherwise, we will refund the amount if the said appointment is not available.

12. Is South Florida Trikke multi lingual?

All Segway PT Tours are provided in English, Italian or Spanish.

13. Do you offer Souvenirs and Meals?

Meals and Souvenirs are not included in any Segway PT Tour

14. Will tours be rerouted for special events?

Tours can or maybe rerouted for all special events without prior notice.

15. How long is the Segway Tour?

Our Segway PT Tour runs from about one hour to 2.5 hours which includes twenty minutes of preparation and training.

16. Can we stop to take pictures?

Yes, we will take stops to enjoy the scenery and take pictures.

17. Am I allowed to rent a Segway PT without a guide?

Due to local laws, we cannot rent Segway PT without a guided tour.

18. Can I organize private group event?

Certainly! South Florida Tikke offers corporate, family and private tours.