Segway Dealer Miami Beach

Published on 16 Jun 2016 by South Florida Trikke

Connect with the finest Segway Dealer Miami Beach and you will surely never miss the fun.  Miami Beach is actually a biker’s and Segway’s haven.  With stunning sights and memorable places, you will be awed by its gorgeous offers especially if you use this thrilling vehicle. Commencing as a balancing equipment within an iBot wheelchair, Segway has progressively became an advanced vehicle nowadays. This name emanates from “segue” which indicates a smooth transition. The vehicle can remain upright on account of motors and computers that are included in its base. It was initially recognized as Ginger and IT, before it has been known as Segway PT. Further, its success lies on the one who invented it, Dean Kamen, along with John Doerr, a venture capitalist, who funded it. Know more about its features by getting in touch with South Florida Trikke reputable Segway Dealer in Miami Beach.