Ninebot Product You Shouldn’t Miss

Published on 1 Jul 2016 by South Florida Trikke

Segway miniPro is a ground-breaking ninebot product that offers premium features. The miniPro offers to be a thrilling way to ensure amazing leisure outdoor experience for riders. The device comes with an on-board system that trails rider motions for more than a hundred times per second. It additionally features sensors and processor to help keep the device upright. It has 10.5-inch tires that can be safely utilized for both indoors and outdoors.

Utilizing aircraft-quality magnesium alloy, mini Pro’s frame is really impressive. It is built to be sleek and stylish enough to suit into the trunk of the car. Its power originates from a rechargeable lithium ion-made battery which can be recharged anytime and anywhere. Its particular padded leg bar is the thing that riders make use of to guide the unit. Choose from the shades of black or white. On top of that, each tire features a 800W motor unit and in contrast to some risky hoverboards, riders will not get apprehended for possible explosion.