Mini Pro Segway – It’s more than your conventional hover board

Published on 1 Jul 2016 by South Florida Trikke

Flex your muscles with Mini Pro Segway. The company has been in existence with electrical personal transportation units for many years now and has declared the unveiling of the new self balance personalized transportation in the name of Mini pro. This isn’t a generic scooter. It has opened the door for the next phase in the expansion of personal transport.

Mini Pro Segway offers a lot more than your conventional hoverboard. Weighing 28 pounds, this chic unit runs an additional 19 miles when charged. It’s quicker to get on and off the vehicle too. You can easily control and manage your movement through a handle that can be braced in between your knee joints. Stepping around the footpads will not instantly force the scooter to get in motion. It has larger 10.5-inch, vacuum wheels as opposed to solid tires, thereby producing a smoother drive even in bumpy roads. What’s more, the pro is prepared for 15-level inclines and is dustproof as well as waterproof.