“The Trikke EV has many uses on a police force, you can be much more observant and much more in touch than driving around in a car. Walking a foot beat is probably the best way to find crime and snoop around in alley ways, etc., but the Trikke lets you do this faster.”“Stealth qualities are a great benefit.”
“The Deputies cover a lot of territory with ease.”
“The Trikke EV can be folded up and put in the trunk.”
“We were able to ride them right into the elevator.”
Sgt Pond, Santa Barbara Sherriff’s Dept. Solvang Ca., population 5,300[/tab_item] [tab_item title=”PRIVATE SECURITY”]“I’m happy to say that whenever a bid opportunity comes across my desk that requires a patrol vehicle, I simply call Trikke and tell them what I need. Trikke includes the human factor in the business equation. From factory to field, Trikke has proven a success for my clients.” – Mike Healy (Business Development Manager Central Region, U.S. Security Associates

Folds down in seconds to fit in the back of any size vehicle. Much easier to deploy in multiple locations.
Easily navigates through crowds, hallways and doorways. Take up and down curbs, on escalators and in elevators.
Ease of Learning and Use
Natural riding experience reduces training period. Comfortable to ride for hours due to ergonomic design. Stable. Three points of contact and patented cambering (leaning) frame adds confidence and stability at all speeds.
Quick-swap Battery
Swap out battery in seconds – increases operational time. Compact battery and charger fits in tight spaces.
High Visibility
Increased height provides better line of sight. Highly visible presence reduces potential crime.
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