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The Trikke Skki with its innovative 3CV cambering technology is simple, fast and easy to learn to ride. New riders will enjoy all the freedom of snowboarding with no plastic ski boots to wear, only comfortable water proof hiking or snow boots. Please note that not all US ski resorts accept Trikke Skki. Always contact the ski resort before to check if they allow OA (Open Access) of the Skki.

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The Skki is just plain out of sight awesome. Fast, Fun, Stable and did I mention Fun. Almost like riding a mountain bike down the hill.

This remarkable new snow machine has undergone 5 years of testing and refining at ski resorts in the US, Canada, Switzerland and Austria. The frame, suspension, skis, handlebars, and overall geometry have been fine-tuned for a new and easy snow experience for the whole family.

The Skki is equipped with custom, European-made, wood-core, shaped skis and generous foam-padded handlebars. The SKKI is so much easier to learn how to ride than skiing or snowboarding. You just hang on to the handlebars and lean them in the direction of the turn to carve your way across the slope.  Our 3-point cambering system keeps all three skis carving across the snow in perfect alignment.  You never have to worry about crossing your skis!

The product is also easy for friends and family to share because there are no bindings, or special boots.  One size fits ages 13 and up!   If necessary, you can easily just get off and walk it on hills or flats. You just walk between the platforms and push the handlebars ahead of you.  Plus, no more ski-boot pain:  any durable, waterproof boots should work. Just step on the grippy, dish-design platforms and let her rip!

When you hit the lift, you simply walk out in front of the chair and sit down.  As the lift goes up, the padded handlebars come to rest in your lap. The Skki is designed in perfect balance, and hangs from your lap, perfectly suspended. Total weight = 26 lbs. (Check this out! …It’s even more comfortable then having a snowboard hanging from one foot!)

The skis are easily removed for transport, and the entire machine comes pre-packed in a custom carry bag that can be worn like a back-pack, or carried by the padded shoulder strap.  The entire package, bag and all, weighs only 34 lbs.
Feel the easy control of skiing with handlebars!
Feel the freedom of riding without bindings!
Get into something really new, and really fun!

Trikke Skki Specs

COLOR                          Black/Orange Silver

FINISH                           Flat Silver

FRAME                          6061 T6 Aluminum
BRAKE                         *Side Slide
SKKIS                           Laminent Composite
Feature                          Foam Bars/Nose Cone
FOLDING                       Pull-twist Lock Pin
RIDER                            5'-6'8″
TOP SPEED                   68.2 (G4G)
CRUISING                      Operator Limit
DESCENT                      Arguable
MSRW                           250LBS

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Weight35 lbs


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