Kangoo Jumps XR3 Special Edition


Spice up your fitness routine with Kangoo Jumps XR3 Special Edition. With this model, you will have the advantage of “XR-3” Impact Protection System Spring that features the revolutionary Tension Spring TS6. This state-of-the-art product offers increased comfort and stability since you will get 4 Twin Turbo instead of 2; double way system that is made possible by the KJ Shell 6 (arc shape part), with locking position for extreme uses. What’s more, you can customize your Kangoo Jumps by adding steel coil spring with its 3-set hole, thus giving you a new dimension in your Kangoo Jumps ride. You will definitely experience more rebounds while enjoying the reduced wear of the T-Spring. The hard shell boot is very comfortable and will suit all foot shapes. It additionally features an easy closing buckle, a machine washable removable liner along with a breathable perforated sole. This innovative product comes in an all black finish or black with pink T-Spring and Support Plate. The said support plate is patented for best positioning of the foot. KJ-XR3 Special Edition: – “all black” color & finish. – all black with pink T-Spring + Support Plate (select the black/pink color to view the picture in that color) Black/Pink are not available in Size XL * We recommend the KJ Pro Model for people heavier than 200 lbs. (90 kg.)



KJ XR3 Special Edition

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