Kangoo Jumps XR Series Unisex Model


Catering to both men and women, Kangoo Jumps XR Series Unisex Model highlights the versatility of soft boot and XR3 IPs. Its Impact Protection Spring offers improved performance, more comfort and new exercising possibilities for Kangoo Jumps users. Because of its multi-sized liner with custom made neoprene toe, it can adapt to various shoe sizes and can be an ideal fit for users weighing 70 to 200 lbs. It is very durable and you can enjoy years of use. Teens would definitely love this model whether having fun on terrains or walking the dog in the park. No more fear of wrecking the knees while running on the cement trail with Kangoo Jumps XR Series Unisex Model. It features the new IPS spring which offers: – a better performance – increased comfort – new customizing possibilities. – a longer life span – a 2 way safety feature with a locking system It has a durable hard shell boot with a comfortable, removable liner which can be machine washed. (select the blue/yellow color to view the picture in that color) * We recommend the KJ Pro Model for people heavier than 200 lbs. (90 kg.)



KJ XR Series

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Weight13 lbs


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