Kangoo Jumps Power Shoe


Displaying the ingenious features of this dynamic product, the Kangoo Jumps power shoe is definitely a good buy! Having the same engineering features of XR3 models, this model will let you run and jump without the fear of having terrible joint and back pains. It is like having a mini trampoline under your shoes in which, you can experience that extra rebounding jump for fun and exercise. This model is specifically designed for kids and teens weighing a minimum of 40 lbs but not more than 120 lbs. It features a softer Impact Protection System or IPS, which is only suitable for lighter users. The IPS reduces impact to the joints to as much as 80%, resulting to less joint pains and more calories being burned. Besides its unique IPS, the Kangoo Jumps Power Shoe comes in vibrant colors. It additionally highlights a washable liner that can fit to up to three sizes. For customized adjustments, its tension Springs has 4-twin turbo system wherein its T-springs can be adjusted depending on your preferred resistance. For JUNIORS, boys & girls, from 5 years up, weight from about 45 lbs (18 Kg) to about 120 lbs (55 Kg) Main Features: – a high quality hard shell boot with a comfortable, breathable & machine washable liner which adapts to 3 sizes, to allow foot growth. – versatile Tension Springs, with 4 TwinTurbo System, which allow customized adjustments. Optional steel KJ Coil Springs (sold separately) can be adapted, for additional customized effects. (select the color to view the picture in that color)



KJ Power Shoe

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Weight14 lbs


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